Expanding Social Security

I support expansion of social security benefits through raising of the income cap. Raising the cap enables a lower rate overall giving a payroll tax break to middle class workers.

Eliminating Student Debt

To alleviate student debt, I call for making payments to public student loans completely tax deductible (I still pay student loans) and making public college tuition free.

Building 21st Century Infrastructure

Analogous to the Eisenhower-era investment in our highways system, I propose a multi-gig broadband investment to return America to the top of global connectivity rankings and unleash economic growth in the information age. America’s infrastructure underpins the middle class economy and it’s fallen too far behind. Infrastructure investment pays dividends to our economy and working Americans. Modernizing rail and road networks spurs productivity, but the biggest return comes in returning America to leadership in broadband and communication connectivity.

Respecting Teachers as Professionals

I call for a step-change in teacher compensation through a $12,000 tax credit on top of current salaries with even higher-credits for graduates of highly competitive Finland-model programs. I believe money spent on classrooms supplies should be one hundred percent tax deductible.

Returning Gun Sense to America

Universal background checks on gun purchases are vital, but a person must be allowed to develop a background. I call for raising the minimum ownership age for handguns to 26 and a return of the assault weapons ban.

Keeping Our Union Pension Promises

I support the Keep Our Pension Promises Act to stop these draconian cuts to retirement benefits of hard-working Union families. These good union families paid into the plans over decades earning the right to a secure retirement.

Bringing Immigrant Families Out of the Shadows

Our fellow Texans who remain undocumented should be moved into permanent residence (green card) status immediately if they came before 2009 and have no convictions. Power lied not with the immigrant but rather Americans eager to exploit the poor. A strong border is important to stop repeating the exploitations of the past, but for those we lured here long ago, they are our fellow Texans and should become our fellow Americans. As to refugees, our America does not turn away orphans and mothers from war zones. Vet certainly, but we await your tired, your huddled masses with warm embrace.

Black Lives Matter

Sandra Bland was arrested and jailed in the Texas 10th District. She absolutely should not have been arrested in the first place. So a person in the midst of the very stressful life changes of moving and career changed was placed in jail for several days. As a result we lost a new neighbor and the students of Prairie View lost someone who planned to support their education. I grew up taught to hold all respect for law enforcement and the sacrifices they make to protect our safety and care for our communities. As Americans, we are sophisticated enough to hold onto respect for law enforcement professionals while supporting good people who are holding focus on the inequities faced by black Americans in our criminal justice system.

Making the Minimum Wage a Living Wage

A $15 minimum wage is a living wage.

Respecting a Woman's Work

I support working women and equal pay for equal work is their right as Americans.

Evaluating a Responsible Drinking Age

I believe our drinking-age laws fail to model adult drinking behavior and driving responsibility to young Americans. I call for a multi-stakeholder review of the drinking age. A 19-year minimum drinking age with restrictions on any consumption for under-21 drivers is more consistent with societal norms and may, in fact, reduce binge-drinking and teach responsible driving.